Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Spring 2020 Service-Learning Courses

Browse and Register for service-learning positions in these courses.

Below are classes that we expect to have a service learning component for Spring 2020.

Course Course Title Faculty Service-Learning Registration Period
opens at 8am, closes at 5pm, unless otherwise noted
AES 151 Introduction to American Ethnic Studies Rick Bonus TBA
BIO A 420* Health Disparities in the King County Somali Immigrant and Refugee Community Bettina Shell-Duncan TBA
COM 364* Journalism in a Diverse Society Andrea Otanez TBA
ECFS 200* Introduction to Early Childhood and Family Studies Mary Clevenger-Bright TBA
ECFS 304* Service-Learning and Research for the Teaching and Learning Track Lynn Dietrich TBA
ECFS 456* Senior Project Mary Clevenger-Bright
ENGL 121* Composition Social Issues: Environment Meagan Arthur TBA
ENGL 121* Composition Social Issues: Food Sarah Faulkner TBA
ENGL 121* Composition Social Issues: Homelessness Alexandra Meany TBA
ENGL 121* Composition Social Issues: Seattle History Katharine Walker TBA
ENGL 282* Intermediate Multimodal Composition Matthew Howard TBA
ENGL 471 Teaching Writing Megan Callow TBA
ENVIR 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies Kristi Straus TBA
ENVIR 240* The Urban Farm Eli Wheat TBA
ENVIR/POL S 385 World Food Politics Karen Litfin TBA
GWSS/PSYCH 357 Psychobiology of Women Nancy Kenney TBA
JSIS B 441 AND 541 Forced Migrations Kathie Friedman TBA
SOC WF 315A* Community Service Learning
  • Ariana Cantu
SPAN 392* Experiential Learning Maria Gillman
SPH 491* Capstone Anjulie Ganti
SPH 492* Capstone II Anjulie Ganti

*Service-learning is required for these courses