Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Spring 2017 Service Learning Courses

Browse and Register for service-learning positions in these courses starting around spring break.

Site under construction – we will keep adding to this list as additional service-learning courses are confirmed for Spring!

Course Course Title Faculty Service-Learning Registration Period
(opens at 8am on the day listed, closes Monday, April 3rd at 5pm, unless otherwise noted)
AES 151 Introduction to American Ethnic Studies Rick Bonus  Friday, March 31st
AAES Applied Academic English Skills Mike Smolker  Thursday, March 30th
ECFS 200 Introduction to Early Childhood and Family Studies* Mary Clevenger-Bright  Thursday, March 30th
ECFS 303A and 304A Service-Learning for the Core Pathway* Mary Clevenger-Bright  Thursday, March 30th
ECFS 303B and 304B Service-Learning and Research for the Teaching and Learning Track* Lynn Dietrich/Mary Clevenger-Bright  Pre-arranged
ENGL 121A Composition Social Issues (Writing as Social Action)* Jacqui Pratt  Thursday, March 30th
ENGL 121B Composition Social Issues (Environment)* Jennifer Haden  Thursday, March 30th
ENGL 121C Composition Social Issues (Language, Literacy, and Identity)* Sumyat Thu  Thursday, March 30th
ENGL 121E Composition Social Issues (Homelessness In Seattle)* Shane Peterson  Thursday, March 30th
ENGL 298/498  Community Literacy Program Elizabeth Simmons-O’Neill  Monday, March 27th at 12:00pm
ENGL 471 Teaching Writing Ann Shivers-McNair  Friday, March 31st
ENVIR 100 Environmental Foundations Kristi Straus  Friday, March 31st
ENVIR 240 The Urban Farm* Elizabeth Wheat  Friday, March 31st
ESRM 200 Environment and Society Peter Kahn  Friday, March 31st
GEOG 271 Geography of Food and Eating Kathryn Gillespie  Friday, March 31st
GWSS/PSYCH 357 Psychobiology of Women Nancy Kenney  Thursday, March 30th
Honors 345 Reading and Writing the City Naomi Sokoloff  Thursday, March 30th
Honors 397B Global Leadership in Action Julie Villegas  Pre-arranged
JSIS B 307 Digital Storytelling and Global Citizenship* Taso Lagos  Wednesday, March 29th at 2:00pm
JSIS B 441A Forced Migrations Kathie Friedman  Thursday, March 30th
NURS 412 Health Care Systems* Josephine Ensign  Thursday, March 30th
PSYCH 451 Health Psychology Deborah Chun  Friday, March 31st
SOCWF 315 Community Service Learning* Kerrie Murphy  Pre-arranged
SPAN 392 Experiential Learning* Suzanna Martinez/Maria Gillman  Thursday, March 30th
SPH 492A Capstone* Deborah Hinchey  Pre-arranged
SPH 492B Capstone* Deborah Hinchey  Pre-arranged
TS 999 Robinson Center Transition School*  Pre-arranged
VALUES 495 Capstone*  Pre-arranged

*Service-learning is required for these courses.