Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Autumn 2019 Service-Learning Courses

Browse and Register for service-learning positions in these courses.

Below are classes that we expect to have a service learning component for Autumn 2019.

Course Course Title Faculty Service-Learning Registration Period
opens at 8am, closes at 5pm, unless otherwise noted
BIO A 420* Health Disparities in the King County Somali Community Bettina Shell Duncan TBA
CEP 200* Introduction to Community and Environmental Planning Marty Curry TBA
COM 364* Journalism in a Diverse Society Andrea Otanez TBA
ECFS 200* Intro to Early Childhood and Family Studies Mary Clevenger-Bright TBA
ECFS 303* Service-Learning and Research for the Teaching and Learning Track Mary Clevenger-Bright TBA
ECFS 304* Service-Learning for the Core Pathway Lynn Dietrich TBA
ECFS 454* Senior Project Mary Clevenger-Bright TBA
EDUC 225* Introduction to Language, Education, and Society Philip Markley TBA
EDUC 481* Community Capstone Winston Benjamin TBA
ENGL 121B* Composition Social Issues: Alexandra Meany TBA
ENGL 121D* Composition Social Issues Megan Elise Arthur TBA
ENGL 121E* Composition Social Issues TBA
ENGL 121F* Composition Social Issues TBA
ENGL 121G* Composition Social Issues Meagan Elise Arthur TBA
ENGL 471 Teaching Writing Mandy Macklin TBA
ENVIR 100 Environmental Foundations Eli Wheat TBA
ENVIR 110 Food and the Environment Ray Hilborn TBA
ENVIR 239 Sustainable Choices Kristi Straus TBA
ENVIR/SOC/ESRM/SEFS 379/379/371A/550 Environmental Sociology Stanley Asah TBA
JSIS 278* Global Challenges; Diaspora Communities in Seattle and Beyond Taso Lagos TBA
PSYCH 403 Motivation Ann Culligan TBA
PSYCH 488* Stress and Coping Lauren Graham TBA
SOC 110 Survey Sociology Susan Pitchford TBA
SOC 270 Social Problems Alexes Harris TBA
SOC 362 American Race and Ethnic Relations Susan Pitchford TBA
SOC WF 495* Ariana Cantu TBA
SPAN 392* Experiential Learning Maria Gillman TBA
SPH 491* Public Health Capstone Anjulie Ganti TBA

*Service-learning is required for these courses