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Outdoor Experiential Education Instructor

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Position Title
Outdoor Experiential Education Instructor
The Mountaineers
During Spring Quarter we will be offering a series of Mountain Workshops to the children of Brettler Place, a permanent housing facility for homeless families in Magnuson Park. This ten week program will cover the basics of first aid, climbing, Leave No Trace, navigation, and stewardship, culminating in a final “survivor” event in December that encompasses everything that the students have learned during the quarter. Most children will be between 8 and 11 years old and this will most likely be their first exposure to climbing and formal outdoor recreation. The Mountaineers is an outdoor recreation and conservation non-profit and our mission is, in short, to get people outside. We have recently created a Youth Initiative to provide opportunities to the next generation of outdoor explorers and Mountain Workshops are at the heart of that initiative.
Work description
On Thursdays UW students will arrive at 3:30 to help us set up the program center. We will walk over to Brettler Place – just across Magnuson Park – and meet the students, and walk them back to the program center. The students will have a brief snack and then we will get to it. Each week the students will be learning a new outdoor skill and will often spend half of the time climbing and half of the time on their new skill. This helps the kids stay engaged. The activities will conclude at 5:45 and we will walk the students back to Brettler Place. UW students will help us clean up the program center and should be on their way by 6:00pm. The work environment at the Mountaineers is very casual, and our staff and volunteers are friendly, fun-loving, outdoor enthusiasts passionate about what they do. UW students who work with us will gain experience working with children in an outdoor environment, useful for anyone considering a career in outdoor environmental education, non-profits, youth serving organizations, summer camps, or as tour guides. We will teach you everything you need to know before you work with the students, from guidelines to working with students in outdoor recreation to the basics of first aid, belaying, nativation, and stewardship.
The children that we will be working with were all homeless before they came to Brettler Place and are all eager to learn about the environment and to gain practical skills in navigation, first aid, stewardship, and climbing. You won’t just help a great group of kids experience the outdoors, you’ll be encouraging the next generation of conservationists and outdoor enjoyers.
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15 students
Must be 16 years old
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We will happily accept students of all skill levels. We will teach you everything you need to know before working with the kids. Some important qualities to have are a passion for working with kids, an enjoyment of the outdoors, and a level of energy sufficient enough so that you can keep up with young kids for 2 hours at a time.
Thursday from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM
flexible?No, the times above are exact shift times

Orientation Details

January 1st, 2012
4:00 PM
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The orientation will start at 4pm at the Mountaineers and end around 5:30pm. We will go over the various skills we teach, give you more information about Brettler Family Place and our participants, and give you the opportunity to climb. Please try to make this orientation! You will learn skills that will make the program much easier and more enjoyable! Please email me at to RSVP for the orientation.