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Food Justice Event Organizer

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Food Justice Event Organizer
Community Alliance for Global Justice
Community Alliance for Global Justice (CAGJ) is a volunteer-led, grassroots organization in Seattle dedicated to working locally for justice in the global economy. We have a particular focus on food justice, here and around the world.  Interns will contribute to the success of our 7th annual summer fundraising event, the “Strengthening Local Economies, Everywhere” (SLEE) Dinner, gaining familiarity with the food justice community in Seattle as well as fundraising and event planning experience in the process. Over 300 people participate annually in SLEE, which in 2013 will take place September 7th with the theme “Food Chain Workers.”CAGJ’s annual SLEE dinner aims to educate our community and to inspire action that strengthens local economies, everywhere; it also serves as a major fundraiser for our nonprofit organization. SLEE is a critical part of CAGJ’s work to build an alternative to corporate-led globalization. Every year, the dinner showcases an alternative to industrial food and conventional trade through the sharing of a delicious meal that is grown, harvested, sold and traded under fair and sustainable conditions. This is part of our strategy to support the development of the food justice movement by building up alliances among the growing locavore, sustainability, fair trade and global justice movements in the Northwest. SLEE brings together local food producers, fair trade suppliers, restaurant owners, and non-profit organizations working on food and farming-related issues to share information about their work with the public.  By inviting a variety of local non-profit organizations and businesses that are global-justice oriented, we aim to broaden awareness about the connections between supporting local farmers and businesses, and supporting the ability of people globally to have healthy local economies.

Work description
 Service learning with CAGJ offers students the opportunity to learn about food justice and food sovereignty movements, grassroots organizing & fundraising, and local efforts to impact global issues. This position exposes students to the breadth of the food justice community in Seattle, providing an introduction to central figures and major organizations within it. Students also gain experience in organizing a major fundraising event. The SLEE dinner fundraises a third of CAGJ’s annual budget—a great thing to put on a resume!Student event organizers will work with our SLEE Dinner Coordinator to implement our fundraising and outreach strategies. This may include creating promotional materials, calling businesses and nonprofits to solicit sponsorship, and organizing and tracking responses and donations, among other tasks. Interns will also assist with inviting farmers and food workers to be our honored guests at the dinner.

Interns work both independently and in the CAGJ office (if possible), and attend weekly meetings. CAGJ offers a fun, informal work environment with a group of people who are passionate about social justice. Interns must have a high level of organization but will be well supported by CAGJ staff and volunteers.

CAGJ is a volunteer-led organization with only one staff, thus service learning students make a big impact in our organization.  Students will contribute to the success of a vital community event that makes the connections between multiple issues and constituencies, and has a lasting impact in promoting food justice from both a local and global perspective.
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6 students

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Friday from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Monday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Wednesday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Yes, students will choose times within the time slots above
Day-time hours are needed to do outreach.  Service Learners are expected to work from the CAGJ office every other week, preferably on Mon, Wed, or Fri, but other days may be possible.We also urge, but do not require, students to attend monthly organizing meetings, the 4th Monday of every month.  The first meeting of the quarter will be Monday, April 22nd, 7-9pm, location TBA.

Since this event takes place in September, we are also hoping that many of our Spring Quarter service-learning students will continue to work with us through the summer!

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Contact us as soon as you register to confirm an orientation time that will fit your schedule.  Orientation will take place at Suzallo Espresso between April 8 – 12.