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Afternoon Classroom Assistant, Martin Luther King, Jr Elementary

Position Title: Afternoon Classroom Assistant, Martin Luther King Jr Elementary

Organization: Seattle Public Schools Head Start Program


Seattle Public School Head Start has 15 sites that provide services to multicultural families, English Language Learners, and children with special needs throughout the city of Seattle.  Our primary focus is to promote language & literacy, social emotional, and math science skills to children, and provide a seamless transition to Kindergarten. Our teachers are taking part in PreK-3 language and literacy professional development; and therefore, are trying the latest techniques in reading to children.

We work closely with all of our families, ensuring that their home lives are stable and ensuring that their children have the best learning environment.

Work description

We individualize learning activities for children, so you can expect to work with individual or small groups of children.  Our classroom centers are set up to promote social skills in children. Activities may include reading to children, assisting with nutrition experiences, neighborhood walks, circle time or small group (math & science) activities, music and dance activities, yoga, and art activities.


Your assistance to children is valuable.  It allows for more of the one-on-one interaction that teachers have a hard time balancing.  Teachers can benefit from classroom assistance, since it will give them time to conduct observations of children. It’s also great for students to have a role model, and allows them to bond with someone outside their age group. You can also participate in lesson planning and share your thoughts and ideas.

Supervisor: Name, Email, Phone #

Organization Address

Ideal number: 5 students


Must be 18 years old
Must commit for Full Academic Year
Background check required
TB test required
Other paperwork: Food handlers permit, if serving food to children

Skills needed

Experience working with young children, enjoy working with children, having a desire to learn, being a team player and having a positive attitude.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Flexible? Yes, students will choose times within the time slots above


Afternoon sessions are scheduled from 1:00-4:30PM Monday through Thursday; please plan to start at 12:45PM; this allows 15 minutes with teacher for instructions, communication, etc.

Service-learners will choose a minimum of one day per week and attend that session consistently throughout the quarter. When you sign up for this position, please have at least two days available to allow for scheduling flexibility.

Also, there is no school for children on Fridays (this day is set aside for a teacher work day); you may occasionally be asked to attend some planning meetings on Fridays.

 Orientation Details

Date: January 14, 2014

Time: 3:00 PM

Contact: Name, Email, Phone #

Your organization’s address

Orientation notes

There is one orientation for this position, and alternative times are not available.  If you cannot make the orientation time listed above, please consider other service-learning positions.

Immediately upon completion of your service-learning registration, you should email Kim to obtain a volunteer application packet and background check authorization.  You will need to complete these forms and take them with you to orientation.  (Please note that you will not be able to start in the classroom until your background check has been processed.  This takes approximately one week after you submit your form to Seattle Public Schools Head Start staff–this is why it is important that you complete the form and bring it with you to orientation!  If you want to be particularly proactive, you can submit your background check materials before orientation; please coordinate this with Kim.)

The orientation will take approximately one hour, and will be held at the Seattle Public Schools administration building.