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Hosting service-learning students

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Many community-based organizations throughout Seattle have the capacity to facilitate powerful learning and service experiences with UW students–and the Carlson Center has systems in place to facilitate the process of connecting UW service-learning students to community partners, to help address their needs/interests. The Carlson Center’s Service-Learning Partnership Memorandum of Agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities that support mutually beneficial service-learning relationships, and the other links below provide additional information about partnering with the Carlson Center and engaging students as service-learners:

Resources for Posting Positions

Here are some resources to help your organization host service-learning students.

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What is service-learning?

Service-learning is a learning experience that combines service with the community with structured preparation and reflection opportunities. Service opportunities are tied to academic coursework and address concerns that are identified and articulated by the community. As students engage in service-learning, they learn about the context in which service is provided, the connection between their service and their academic coursework, and their roles as community members. Learn more about essential qualities of service-learning.

Why service-learning?

When participating in service-learning, students become more aware of contemporary issues facing the world, and are more actively involved in community and civic affairs. By providing an opportunity for students to relate classroom theories to their community experiences, and community experiences to classroom theories, the Carlson Center hopes to contribute to our students’ awareness and involvement while also contributing to the advancement of the goals and programs of community-based organizations.