Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Hire a UW work study student

Community organizations who partner with the Carlson Center may be eligible to hire University of Washington students supported by Federal and State Work-Study funding. Though this program is not directly coordinated by the Carlson Center, here is some information about the program. Inquires should be directed to the UW Office of Financial Aid (contact information at the bottom of this page).


What sort of positions are eligible?

  • Community Work-Study positions should provide students with a pre-professional work experience that connects to their academic study or has relevance to their educational goals. Students should be able to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom while acquiring on-the-job professional experience that meets a need in the nonprofit organization. Positions should also allow flexibility for academic study in the classroom to be a priority when scheduling conflicts arise.


How much of the student’s pay is our Nonprofit Organization responsible for providing and how much is covered by the Work-Study funding?

  • The nonprofit organization employing the student will initially need to pay 100% of the student’s wages. The employer then completes a UW Off-Campus Time Sheet and submits it with the required signatures to the Work Study Office to request reimbursement. Wages paid in accordance with Work Study guidelines are eligible for reimbursement of up to 75% of the students earnings.

When do students apply for Work-Study funded positions?

  • Students may begin applying for Work Study positions in mid-September. Nonprofit employers will conduct interviews with students directly.

Can the student work for my organization all year?

  • Work Study awards are made on an academic year basis, and employers are encouraged to schedule the student’s work hours so that the funds will be earned over the academic year only–September to June. Time sheets will not be accepted for reimbursement after June 30. The student can work for your organization over the Summer, but must apply separately in order to be eligible for Summer Work-Study fund reimbursement.
  • Employers are responsible for monitoring the student’s work hours so that the total gross earnings do not exceed the amount of the student’s award. Employers will not be reimbursed for earnings that exceed the award or otherwise do not qualify for Work Study reimbursement.

How do I submit a position announcement?

  • Your organization can submit a job description form to list the position on the Work-Study office website.

Are there other ways to advertise my position opening to UW students who are eligible for Work-Study funding?

  • You are also encouraged to contact the Carlson Center to share job opportunities by emailing and/or completing the form on the Public Service Opportunities Bulletin. Be sure to note that the position is available to students with Work-Study eligibility.

How do I ensure that the student is eligible for Work-Study funding before I interview them?

  • Student applicants will provide a Job Referral Form (JRF) signed by a Work Study Office representative verifying the student’s eligibility. The JRF indicates the amount and duration of the student’s Work Study award as well as the terms and conditions of the award. When you have hired a student, complete the employer section of the JRF and return it to our office. Be sure to indicate the job number on the JRF so our office will know for which position the student has been hired.

Who do I contact with questions?

  • You can find more information in the Off-Campus Employer Handbook in the Work-Study Administration section of the UW Office of Financial Aid.
  • You can also reach the Off-Campus Work-Study Coordinators at:
    Work Study Administration, 520 Schmitz, Box 355882, Seattle, WA 98195-5882
    Phone: (206) 685-1985, Fax: (206) 616-4862, E-mail: