Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

February 2, 2017

Public service opportunity: Community Health Fellow

Public service opportunity: Community Health Fellow

Position title: Community Health Fellow

Name of organization: Project Horseshoe Farm



Position description:

Students preparing for careers in healthcare or education, as well as other students with strong leadership potential, are invited to commit one year (13 months) to the Greensboro community and to the Horseshoe Farm Fellowship. Fellows are challenged to learn about and become engaged in the community as they are immersed in almost all phases and aspects of the development, management, and leadership of, and service in the programs of Project Horseshoe Farm. To further help prepare Fellows for leadership roles amid the complex systems they will likely face, Fellows are introduced through readings and discussions to topics including community involvement and engagement, management and leadership of non-profit organizations, an introduction to systems of care, healthcare law and ethics, healthcare economics, the structure and financing of the healthcare system, the history of American medicine, and health policy.


Time commitment: 13 months (gap-year fellowship)


Skill requirements:

We invite applicants from the full spectrum of majors and backgrounds who have an interest in and the potential for community based service leadership including applicants considering community based service careers or social entrepreneurial activities in:

– Medicine

– Nursing

– Education

– Social work

– Community organization

– Non-profit leadership

– Religious leadership

– Psychology

– Business

– Law

– Public policy

– Public health  


Individuals with a track record of or with an interest in developing new, innovative, or independent community based initiatives (domestically or abroad) are strongly encouraged to consider applying.


Though academic credentials will be taken into consideration, as important a consideration will be indications of personal characteristics which predict effective leadership including:

– Integrity

– Maturity

– Strong initiative

– Self motivated

– Hard working

– Creative, energetic, optimistic

– Likable

– Positive attitude

– Trustworthy

– Very strong interpersonal and communication skills

– Organized

– Curious

– Compassionate and caring

– Flexible and able to learn about and adjust to local surroundings and culture

– Resilience, perseverance, and discipline

– Broad thinking

– Practical and pragmatic – Able to get things done


Start date: June 12, 2017


End date: July 12, 2018


Location: Greensboro, AL


How to apply: Please visit our website, click the “Fellowship” tab, and then click the “Application” tab. Submit your completed application to by February 12 at 11:59pm CST.


Supervisor contact info:

John Dorsey