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January 19, 2017

Public service opportunity: Transcriber

Public service opportunity: Transcriber

Position title: Transcriber

Name of organization: Shelf Life Community Story Project




Position description:

Shelf Life is a community story project using the impending closure of the Red Apple Grocery Store as a focal point for gathering and sharing the stories of the people who live and work in the Central Area; stories about the neighborhood, its history, its struggles, the change it is now experiencing, and how residents are weathering that change.


We are recording lengthy audio interviews with community members, and we need assistance getting those interviews transcribed. Interviews are about the Seattle’s Central District neighborhood, its history, art, culture, and innovation; as well as the change it is now experiencing. Transcribers can expect to learn a great deal about Seattle, the Central District, and the challenges that Central District residents have faced over the decades.


Transcribers will use transcription software that we provide. We will send them audio files in MP3 format to transcribe on their own computers.


Time commitment: 5 – 10 hours / week


Skill requirements:

Excellent English language listening comprehension.

Ability to type relatively fast.

Own a computer.

Interest in history, oral history, digital storytelling, and/or urban planning.


Start date: 01/23/2017


End date: 06/30/2017


Location: Seattle


How to apply: Send an email to project supervisor describing your interest, related experience, area of study,  and availability.


Supervisor contact info:

Jill Freidberg