Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

November 29, 2016

Public service opportunity: Social Development, Environmental, and Reconstruction

Position title: Social Development, Environmental, and Reconstruction


Name of organization: Mashikuna Ecuador




Position description:

Mashikuna Ecuador offers opportunities to improve lives and strengthen communities.  Our local wisdom based projects are created to enhance collective impact, critical thinking and problem solving. Volunteer opportunities abound in Ecuador’s coastal, amazon, and Andes regions.  In the coastal city of Manta, help the families most affected by the April 2016 earthquake rebuild and restore their homes.  In the Amazon rainforest, reforestation is one of the most important projects managed by the communities.  Another project in the Amazon is building a retaining wall to protect the community from the rising flood waters of the Napo River.  In the Andes, you can volunteer at a local Home for the Elderly who have been abandoned with nothing or no one to care for them.  You can give them hope and provide care with your time. In the community of Ibarra, help build a school/community center for the poor children that come from the mountains, who need a place to be fed healthy meals, and receive education support services.  In the volcano region Pichincha, you can work in an organic garden helping the community grow and harvest produce which can be used to sell and provide much needed income for their quality of life. Ecuador is a beautiful country and is said to be four worlds in one place – like nowhere else!


Time commitment: Programs for 1-4 Weeks


Skill requirements: No previous training is required, but we ask our volunteers to be flexible, keep an open mind, be willing to work, and have a keen sense of adventure.


Start date: any time – year round programs


End date: any time – year round programs


Location: Ecuador


How to apply:

Please read about all of our programs on our website,, where you can apply online for the specific program you are interested in.


Supervisor contact info:

Rommel Carrera