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October 28, 2016

Coordinated Entry AmeriCorps, Housing Ready. Crisis Resilient

Position title:

Coordinated Entry AmeriCorps, Housing Ready. Crisis Resilient


Name of organization:

United Way of King County


Position description:

United Way of King County is seeking a determined, passionate, professional, and energetic problem solver to commit to a term of service with our Housing Ready, Crisis Resilient Team (Ready & Resilient). This position is placed in the King County Department of Community & Human Services and is part of a larger cohort of 25 members who are doing similar work throughout the county. This position is unique in that you will become an expert in the Coordinated Entry system. As a Ready & Resilient member, you will reduce poverty and homelessness in King County by providing financial interventions to improve housing readiness and financial resiliency.


The Program and the Impact:

United Way believes that helping low-income families weather financial shocks is key to reducing homelessness and poverty. As a Ready & Resilient AmeriCorps, you will work toward observing best practices, working with clients in a walk-in basis, and learn the ins and outs of the Regional Access Points around the county. Through trainings, you will learn to assist low-income families to get by (emergency financial assistance and income supports), get ahead (build savings), and stay ahead (improve credit and build assets). In the first year, the new team will provide interventions to 12,000 low-income people; help 3,000 economically disadvantaged individuals improve financial knowledge; and transition 1,500 people experiencing homelessness to housing. This team will accelerate the impact of United Way’s work to lift 50,000 people out of poverty and reduce the unsheltered population by 50%.


Your Role and What You Will Learn:

As a Ready & Resilient AmeriCorps, you will be placed in the King County Department of Community & Human Services.


Your work will include:

 Handling Coordinated Entry for All (CEA) phone lines. This includes direct service with clients accessing CEA and looking for housing assistance.

 Shadow at one of the Regional Access Points (RAP) during initial training to get a sense of what direct service practices look like.

 Assist with walk-in assessment hours at one of the RAP locations.

 Use experience shadowing at the RAP and assisting with walk-in hours, as well as experience handling CEA phone lines, to improve overall client experience with CEA and improve messaging to households who move through the system.

 Assist with data entry- putting CEA assessments into database (a minimal part of the work).

 Assisting with community trainings (includes assessor and provider trainings).

 Potential to help with CEA referrals.


Through your term of service, you will become an expert on the priority areas of Ending Homelessness and Financial Stability. United Way will also provide professional development trainings on leadership, safety, public speaking, and other valuable topics. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of groundbreaking programming.


Your Team:

The Ready & Resilient team will be a powerful force of 24 members and an AmeriCorps leader. You will be supported by the internal team at United Way, providing you with guidance, tools, and resources that you will need to succeed. As part of the broader Financial Stability team at United Way, you will be connected to and learn alongside 40 + other AmeriCorps members who are fighting poverty in our community.


Benefits to joining the team:

 Monthly living stipend of $1,195 (pretax) as well as loan deferment on qualified student loans during your service

 Payment of interest on qualified student loans that are accrued during service term

 Health benefits that meet minimum standards of ACA compliance

 ORCA card (metro transportation)

 Eligible for a $5,775 Education Award or $1,500 cash stipend upon successful completion of service

  8 days of sick leave, 8 days of personal leave

  Opportunity to be a part of a new and innovative program

  Working across teams of non-profit and educational systems

  Gain valuable personal and professional development experience

  In-service trainings combined with other AmeriCorps teams



Skill requirements:

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

  Passionate social justice advocate

  Driven to end poverty in our region

   Experience working in a professional office setting

   Cultural competency and experience working with diverse populations

   Interest in learning new skills and implement knowledge in educating others

   Ability to be flexible – managing multiple tasks of competing priorities

   Enthusiastic team player and critical thinker

   Eager to take initiative and step into a leadership role

   Comprehensive understanding of systemic causes of poverty and racial inequities


Required Eligibility:

   Must be at least 18 years of age

   Must be a US citizen, national or legal permanent resident alien of the US

    Must be available 40 hours a week for 5 days a week starting December 4th 2016

    Must go through a WA State Patrol background check, FBI Background check and National Sex Offender Registry Check, plus state of residence background check if not living in WA currently

    F1 VISAS are not sufficient


Start date:



End date:




Seattle, Wa


To Apply:

Apply through the online portal at by submitting a thoughtful cover letter and resume detailing relevant experience.


Supervisor contact info:

Charlotte Gavell