Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

October 20, 2016

Public service opportunity: Donor Monitor

Position title:

Donor Monitor


Name of organization:

Bloodworks NW




Position description:

Monitor blood donor safety following donations at the 10-12 blood drives on campus each month. Provide a positive, customer-service environment.

Observe donors for adverse reactions following the donation process.

Alert staff immediately if reactions occur.

Maintain a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for donors.


Time commitment:

Flexible schedule. Shifts 2-3 hours in length. We have an on-line scheduling system.


Skill requirements:

A desire to help and excellent communication skills required. Must be dependable, friendly, attentive, and enjoy people.


Start date:



End date:




UW Campus


How to apply:

Apply on line at or contact the volunteer coordinator at or call 206-427-1654 An on campus volunteer orientation and training session takes  approximately 1 hour.


Supervisor contact info:

Robyn Chernick