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September 27, 2016

Volunteer Tutor

Position title: Volunteer Tutor


Name of organization: Lutheran Community Services NW




Position description:

The Refugee and Immigrant Children’s Program serves refugee and immigrant youth who are resettling alone in the United States. They have left behind war, persecution or instability that separated them from their families. International agencies and the federal government have determined that these youth are extremely vulnerable without an adult to care for them and they are referred to our agency as unaccompanied children for foster care. Through our program, children are welcomed by foster families who have made a long-term commitment to their care. We serve children, primarily teenagers, from countries throughout Asia, Africa and Central America.


We are seeking volunteers interested in tutoring refugee and immigrant youth, the majority of whom are in high school working towards their diplomas. Aside from the challenges that come with high school for many students, these students are entering US school systems for the first time and are usually trying to gain English language skills, sometimes starting at a very basic level. It is very important for them to have tutors and people in their lives to encourage and support them through this time. Currently we have youth in need of tutors in the following cities:


  • Auburn: all subject areas
  • Kent: assist with senior projects, essay writing, college and scholarship applications
  • Mercer Island: English help, all subject areas
  • Renton: Spanish speaker, Math & English help needed the most
  • Seattle (south): Spanish speakers, mentorship, all subject areas
  • Tacoma: Spanish speaker, all subject areas



At a minimum, volunteers need to be at least 21 years old, be able to commit to one year, and meet with the youth once a week. Volunteers are matched individually with a youth, and work very independently once they are matched; setting a meeting schedule is up to the youth and their volunteer. Youth will often meet with tutors after school hours during weekdays, usually for an hour or two.


Time commitment: Once a week for one year


Skill requirements:

Tutoring, teaching, work with ESL students, work with immigrants and refugees


Start date: Ongoing


End date: Ongoing



Various Locations


How to apply:

Please email


Supervisor contact info:

May Saetern