Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

June 21, 2016

SPS Equity Initiatives & Outcomes Intern

Job Description: If you are a college or graduate student interested in an internship to support eliminating the opportunity gaps in Seattle Public Schools or to gain valuable experience in putting educational theory into practice; we have an amazing opportunity for you. The Department of Equity Initiatives & Outcomes is looking for great interns who are committed to equity work. Seattle Public Schools is the second district in the nation in which a district, school board and superintendent have a shared goal of closing the opportunity gap for African American males and other students of color. 

Position(s) Description and Requirements:
All internships will report to the Director of Equity Initiatives & Outcomes, Nikka M. Lemons; here are the following internships available to apply for:

  •  Data Analyst (3 Positions Open): This position requires designing and maintaining internal databases, including the establishment of database standards and controls, management of source data, and assurance of data quality. Assisting in the evaluation, selection, and implementation of systems, including oversight, provision of technical assistance, training, and, documentation. Strong analytical skills required.
  • Community Development (7 Positions Open): You will be on a team to begin with operationalizing  and designing a strategic plan, making policy recommendations  and implementation  for increasing the accessibility of resources to  target demographics and communities that have barriers to transportation, tutoring services, computer access,
    healthcare, and much more .Social work, psychology, and counseling majors are strongly encouraged to apply. 
  • Researchers (3 positions Open): Performing quantitative and qualitative analysis on core strategic issues for Seattle Public Schools and synthesizing insights from these analyses, and writing and delivering high-impact presentations, strategic plans and research briefs. Education and Public policy majors are strongly encouraged to apply. Strong statistical analysis skills required. 
  • Community Outreach & Engagement ( 5 positions Open): This position will be cultivating community-district relations, building trust, communicating the needs of the community as well as the responsive policies and practices of the district to the community requests consistent with “eliminating the opportunity gap” Open to all majors 
  • Professional Development & Leadership (5 Positions Open): This person would have the opportunity to develop new professional development training for the district, help facilitate existing trainings and managing and coordinating the operations of the Professional Development program within the Department of Equity Initiatives & Outcomes department; ensuring that the services are provided in accordance with department goals and objectives; monitoring and assessing the program effectiveness. Education Leadership majors are strongly encouraged to apply. 
  • Grant Writing( 3 Positions Open) : This position will be identifying grant opportunities and funding sources ; requesting application materials; preparing funding opportunity briefs and forwarding them to Nikka Lemons and senior staff for decision making purposes; reviewing completed applications and ensures appropriate approval/authorization; submitting completed applications; maintaining related records. Open to all majors. 
  • Communications, Marketing, and Journalism ( 2 Positions Open): This position’s responsibilities will be providing a broad array of strategic and tactical communications activities that build understanding and goodwill for any communications put forward  from the Department of Equity Initiatives & Outcomes  . Researching, writing and disseminating highly effective electronic, written and verbal communications. Acting as media relations lead for social media, web and documents design. Strong project design experience required.

Application Timeline and Process:
Deadline for applications: June 24th
Notification of acceptance: July 8th
Internship Begins: July 18th- 22nd
Internship Ends: 6 month internships (January 2017) 1 year internships (July 2017)
To apply, please

1. Attach your resume or CV

2. Send a cover letter,

3. In the subject line type “ Intern Applicant- position title”, and

4. Submit to