Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

June 10, 2016


Name of organization: KD Hall Foundation


Position description:

KD Hall Communications is proud to promote an event that is set out to inspire, promote, and educate women of all ilks. “The Movement: Women on the Rise Leadership Conference” (Saturday, September 17, 2016, at The University of Washington) will do just that. This event will also benefit KD Hall’s non-profit. CEO Kela Hall, along with a group of determined individuals that share similar desires for careers in Education, Politics, Media, STEM and more, have developed this event and are looking for  individuals ages 18-24, with interests in improving yours and the lives of others, serving their communities, and networking with key individuals who work in your area of interests. #WillYouJOinUs? “The Movement” will reach a very diverse audience, as we promote through several media outlets, social media, college tours, and you, our lovely Ambassador(s).

We are currently recruiting Ambassadors and Interns to fully execute this conference. Both will work the conference, as well as attend private celebrations. Paid Interns must be between the ages of 18-24 to be eligible for YMCA’s Clear Path to Employment Program.


Time commitment: Flexible with your schedule

Skill requirements:

-Students ages 18-24

-An interest in Education, Politics, STEM, Leadership, Media

-A proven background in the aforementioned fields


Deadline: July 17th.


Location: Seattle, Washington


How to apply:

Email or call Kakela to inquire about the Ambassador Program and Internship. For more information on the Ambassador Program and Internship, check out as well as our various social media pages (Facebook: KD Hall Foundation; Twitter: @Foundation_KD).


Supervisor contact info:

Kakela Hall

(206) 321-2066