Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

April 15, 2016

Public service opportunity: Market Night Volunteer

Position title:

Market Night Volunteer


Name of organization:

Solid Ground




Position description:

Apple Corps, a nutrition education program, is looking for one time volunteers to help with a Market Night community event coming up at Leschi Elementary School next Thursday, April 21st. It’s a combination of a kid’s cook-off, farmer’s market, and community resource fair, and, there’s samples involved! There’s lots of options for helping—cooking, cleaning, prepping food, and acting like a farmer are all options! The event is from 3-8pm and runs in shifts to accommodate those who aren’t able to  stay the full time (though you can sign up for more!).


Shift 1—Food Prep (6 people), 3-5pm

Help prepare Ethiopian lentils and cabbage and chocolate-chip pancakes for families to try. Prepare kitchen for serving and clean-up cooking equipment as needed.


Shift 2—Set-up & Event (16 people), 5-7:30pm Help set-up event, including the Farmer’s Market, serve food, assist with recycle/compost/trash sorting, and clean-up as needed.


Shift 3—Clean-up (10 people), 7:30-8pm

Help clean-up event, including the cafeteria, kitchen, and Farmer’s Market.


Time commitment:

3-8pm, runs in shifts


Skill requirements:

Required Qualifications:

  • Commitment to at least one shift
  • Must complete background check to work within Seattle Public Schools


Preferred Skills:

  • Experience working with children and families
  • Knowledge of Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese helpful


Start date:

Thursday, April 21st


End date:

Thursday, April 21st



Leschi Elementary School


How to apply:

Below is a link to the volunteer post on our website, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to complete sign-up as a volunteer:


Supervisor contact info:

Nicole Basta