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March 29, 2016

Public service opportunity: Nature Camp Volunteers Needed

Position title:

Nature Camp Volunteers Needed


Name of organization:

Wilderness Awareness School




Position description:

Do you want to work in outdoor education or help young people connect with nature? If you would like to add to your skill set and experience how Wilderness Awareness School works with youth, consider working with us as a Summer Camp Volunteer Assistant Instructor!

Wilderness Awareness is a school that uses ancient and modern wisdom to empower people of all ages to become stewards, mentors, and leaders. In the last 30 years we have become a leading national organization in nature education that has inspired many individuals and schools.  Our mentoring approach honors individuality, encourages self-sufficiency in learning, and awakens a kinship with nature as it trains youth and adults to blend the awareness of a native tracker with the knowledge of a wildlife biologist. Our wilderness education courses draw on traditions from indigenous cultures world-wide, emphasizing nature as teacher, routines to enhance awareness, storytelling, self-motivated learning, and tracking as an interpretive tool.

We are looking for volunteers for a week (40 hours) or up to six weeks, to help children connect with the natural world while adding your own knowledge and skills to the instructional mix. Wilderness Awareness School relies on a strong base of volunteers to be able to offer quality summer programs to youth ages 4-18.


Our summer camps are held at local parks around King County in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Carnation and Duvall. We offer full-day, half-day and overnight camps and serve about 1,800 youth every summer. These camps focus on survival skills, camouflage, tracking, wild edible plants, naturalist studies, storytelling, community building and much more.


Time commitment:

40 hours a week


Skill requirements:

To qualify you need to be enthusiastic about sharing your knowledge and appreciation of nature in a summer camp experience. Be willing to work with a team and able to openly communicate.  Previous experience in leadership and teaching is helpful but not required.   Will need to go thought a back ground check and volunteer training.


Start date:

First week of camps June 27


End date:

Last day of camps August 26



Many parks in the Seattle area


How to apply:

To explore more about our camps go to:


Supervisor contact info:

Samuel Bowman