Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

March 4, 2016

Volunteer Opportunity with Transportation Choices Coalition

Below is a volunteer opportunity with the Transportation Choices Coalition (TCC) on Saturday, March 19th.

 That is the day the Sound Transit will open the new U Link and Capitol Hill Light Rail Stations. This is an exciting development that will help better connect students and the community to the UW. And we would love to have volunteers help out in a variety of ways:

Transportation Choices Volunteering Roles for Opening Day

Mobile Street Team Details:

This position engages with people the most. Our Mobile Street Team will:

Engage public in a brief discussion about why transit is so important and why we need to continue funding it as well as the upcoming ballot initiative.

Verify voter eligibility and that voter information is up to date.

Collect pledge postcards reminding individuals to vote in the November election and to support transportation in other ways.


Swag Team Volunteer Details:

This position involves shorter interactions with the public. Our Swag Team will:

Engage folks about celebrating this momentous occasion in transportation development and helping to continue and sustain this work by donating to TCC.

Handle card/ cash transactions.

Track donation/sales and inventory of items.


Data Entry Team:

This position occurs the week following Opening Day and will not require discussion engagement. Our Data Entry Team will:

Attend a training to learn skills to navigate VAN.

Sort postcards.

Enter constituent information on CRM database.


The link to sign up to volunteer is here: