Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

February 16, 2016

Become a Campaign Office Director for the Fund for the Public Interest!

Position title:

Campaign Office Director


Name of organization:

The Fund for the Public Interest




Position description:

Learn to organize a successful campaign office and have a large impact on the social change movement! While working with the Fund, you will primarily be building up a team of activists that in turn will inform and mobilize the public on important issues ranging from environmental to public health. In addition, you will receive training to build leadership and managing skills!


Time commitment:

One year, full-time


Skill requirements:

Good communication skills, leadership and teamwork, organizational skills and time management. Adaptability is also a plus.

A college degree is also required.


Start date:



End date:




Based on applicant’s preference


How to apply:

Contact Joshua Keeports for more details.



Supervisor contact info:

Joshua Keeports