Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

November 23, 2015

Volunteer with Learn International!

Public service opportunity: Volunteering


Position title:



Name of organization:

Learn International


Position description:

• Planting and tending a community garden and community orchard

• Tending stock on the Black Friary site

• Distribution of Black Friary produce to local voluntary and charitable groups

• Upkeep of visitor/community facilities for Black Friary Community Heritage and Archaeology Project

• Contributing to Black Friary Community Heritage and Archaeology Project amenity and conservation projects and outreach

• Engage with heritage programs designed for children or elderly locals

• Help maintain the outstanding natural and cultural beauty of the medieval town of Trim


Time commitment:

2 – 12 weeks


Start date:

June 27 & July 11


End date:




Trim, County Meath, Ireland


How to apply:

Email for more information about application.


Application deadline is February 15th


Supervisor contact info:

Learn International