Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

November 4, 2015

Get Price on Carbon on the 2016 Ballot! Help Carbon Washington by volunteering now!

Position title:

Database Volunteers ~ Ballot Initiative! Work Remotely


Name of organization:

Carbon Washington




Position description:

Database volunteers: Help CarbonWA get a price on carbon on the ballot in 2016! Initiatives to the ballot can be tough to manage, and one of the most important parts is knowing how many valid signatures you have to be sure you qualify! Transcribing and checking the names of those who have signed our initiative helps us be sure of where we are on the road to the ballot! Time commitment is flexible, and volunteering can be done from home as well!


Time commitment:

2 – 4 hours per week


Skill requirements:

*Computer access

*Proficient in Excel

*Work independently


Start date:



End date:




Seattle, WA


How to apply:

Send an email to Megan,, please include “database volunteer” in your email’s subject line. Also, please tell us where you saw posting (example: Carlson Public Service Bulletin), and give 1-2 sentences explaining why you want to volunteer with us.


Supervisor contact info:

Megan Conaway