Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

November 4, 2015

Care about the Environment? Want to create change? Volunteer with Carbon Washington now!

Position title:

Event Volunteers Needed for Climate Action! Gather Signatures!


Name of organization:

Carbon Washington




Position description:

Help gather signatures to get a real climate policy on the ballot in 2016! CarbonWA is building a movement of climate activist to bring a revenue-neutral carbon tax to our state. The tax would help reduce emissions, and the money would go back to the people by reducing other takes (like the sales tax). It’s a great way to tackle climate change and make our tax code fairer here in Washington. Volunteers would team up with our local teams to collect signatures at farmers markets and other events. Time commitment very flexible!


Time commitment:

2 – 4 hours a week


Skill requirements:

*Good communication skills

*Able to memorize information

*Able to talk about policy


Start date:



End date:




Seattle, WA


How to apply:

Send an email to Megan,, please include “signature gatherer” in your email’s subject line. Also, please tell us where you saw posting (example: Carlson Public Service Bulletin), and give 1-2 sentences explaining why you want to volunteer with us.


Supervisor contact info:

Megan Conaway