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June 10, 2015

Like to ride horses? Volunteer @ Camp Korey

As an equestrian volunteer your main focus will be on making the campers riding experience safe by assisting as a sidewalker or lead walker for each horse/camper. You will also assist in making sure tents and camper receptions are set and ready, and ensuring that helmets are worn at all times while on horseback that all participants have a safe and fun time while at equestrian. Participants will get on and off the horses with step-up blocks and assistance. We would be happy to answer any questions and walk you through the program.

The equestrian program will take place each Wednesday of camp from 9:30am-1pm beginning June 24 and going through August 12.


Skill requirements: Prior training or experience with the basic understanding of horse safety is required.

Start date: Wednesday, June 24

End date: Wednesday, August 12

Location: Camp Korey, Carnation, WA

How to apply: Please contact Kaitlyn Swick at or 425-844-3149 for additional information. To apply for this position, visit and fill out the application.

Supervisor contact info:

Kaitlyn Swick