Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

October 31, 2014

Volunteer Abroad

Interested? Both students and experienced professionals needed.
Please read NGOabroad website
and send answered Questionnaire and resume to:

These are volunteer opportunities.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

This is sneak preview for 2015
for those that want to apply early & save on airfare

Check out the Volunteer Abroad Opportunities below:

  • MICRO-FINANCE & SMALL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT: Costa Rica, Rwanda, Morocco, Tanzania, Sri Lanka. Rwanda: Thriving MFI welcomes many skills: Finance, Business, IT. Must be college grad.Tanzania: emphasize saving $ before you can get micro-loan. Great for students!Morocco: both corporate and grassroots micro-finance orgs require French.Costa Rica: hilarious director is also a great place to learn leadership skills. Spanish a must.Almost everywhere: Need people with entrepreneurial minds who can help create enterprises that sustain individuals & even more of a challenge, that sustain a NGO.


  • EDUCATION: Uganda, Nepal, Rwanda Education is not only a ticket out of poverty, it is critical to democracy building and development.The critical and creative thinking gained in school is often the missing puzzle piece to a nation’s success.Are you good at English (writing, literature & grammar), Math, Biology, Chemistry or Physics? Uganda needs you!Willing to teach English language? Nepal sees this as a ticket out of poverty.Do you have training in Early Childhood Education? Your skills are needed in Rwanda teaching pre-school teachers!
  •  NURSING, NURSE PRACTITIONER, MEDICAL: Peru, Uganda, Sri Lanka And if you have clinical training, then we need you in our clinic in Peru, Uganda or Sri Lanka. Learn the ingenuity that is required in health care settings where there are fewer resources and lab tests.
  • SOCIAL WORK & PSYCHOLOGY: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Costa Rica Both men and women needed to help with domestic violence in Uganda or Costa Rica; or counsel girls who have been sexually abused in Kenya in one of the few such programs. Or work with sex trafficking in Nepal; or in multifaceted Social Work organization in Tanzania.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL & ENGINEERING: Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Bolivia, Indonesia, Belize Help with sustainable energy in Tanzania or Ghana; or appropriate technology in Bolivia. Many places in Africa, oil has been discovered. See that the land is not desecrated and that citizens are not cheated. The tropical rain forest in Indonesia is being logged and turned to pulp paper. Help the campaign to stop this.Help ensure the marine ecology and conservation are ensured while the locals are also making a living in Belize.
  • DEMOCRACY BUILDING – THE DEMISE OF THE AFRICAN DESPOT? Kenya Under Moi, human rights activists were jailed and tortured. Those same activists are the ones who have pushed for and gotten a new constitution which devolves power from Nairobi and the president to local government. This shift is absolutely earth shaking as it could mean the demise of the African despot.
  • PEACE BUILDING & CONFLICT PREVENTION: Palestine/ Israel, Rwanda, Sri Lanka All of these places have seen violence. Citizen organizations grew in the wake of the violence to assure that violence would not occur again. Come help change attitudes to avert conflict.
  • WOMEN’S RIGHTS: Cameroon, Uganda, Morocco, & Costa Rica Legally and psychologically, women in these countries are considered the property of their husband.Women have no rights. All over the world this practice of subjugation is changing.Not only is this an opportunity for women, but men are requested to help with this attitude and political shift.
  • SLUMS & PEOPLE LIVING ON THE STREET: Mongolia & Bolivia 60% of the people in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaan Baatar, live in the yurt slums.Nomads have flooded the capital hoping to capitalize on Mongolia’s new found mineral wealth.Likewise the peasants from the altiplano of Bolivia flood the cities looking for work. There is none.Help with quality of life and lifting people out of poverty in the slums & on the street – water, sanitation, solar cookers, housing, and creating livelihoods & generating income.
  • PUBLIC HEALTH – WATER & SANITATION: Uganda More people die in Africa of water-borne disease from unsanitary water then AIDS.Come learn or contribute essential water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) skills.Learn WASH skills that are an important part of international development.
  • RURAL DEVELOPMENT: Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon, Indonesia Do you have training or experience from daily life in agriculture or farming?Cameroon: help villagers improve crop yields so they have some cash crop…so have $5 for a mosquito net.Ghana, Uganda, or Indonesia: Show organic farming techniques and/or teach at agricultural college.We are seeking poultry and dairy farmers to train farmers in Uganda.
  • YOUTH: Bolivia, Peru, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana All over the world, where poverty prevails, kids and youth are the ones that suffer; it is the youth and kids that are pushed to make an income for the family shining shoes.Tutor truant kids in Ghana or kids that suffered through Joseph Kony’s war in Uganda.Or mentor youth that are earning income for family in Peru or Tanzania rather than going to school. We need you!
  • HEALTH PROMOTION: Bolivia, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Thai-Burma People ask me what they can do if they do not yet have their degree in Nursing or Medicine. Plenty! You may not be able to help treat the disease; but it is more important to prevent the disease.Teach family planning; AIDS & malaria prevention; or basic public health and sanitation & hygiene.