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Campaign website guide

Key messages and assets will help you build a successful campaign website. University Marketing & Communications has prepared this page as a guide to best practices for campaign web pages across the UW. It’s also a place to find UW-approved campaign assets, including the campaign tagline and “giving” widget.

In addition, we have created a prototype of a campaign page that serves as a model for you to follow in building your campaign presence.  As always, we welcome your feedback and are here to answer any questions.

All UW campaign pages should include these elements:

Your unit’s vision statement

We believe that together we are better. Together we make the community more vibrant. Together we move the region and world forward. These beliefs drive our fundraising campaign, which aims to positively transform the lives of students, Washington and the world. (This example is the UW’s vision statement. Be sure to replace it with yours.)

Your priorities/themes

At the School of XYZ, we have identified XXX priorities with a goal of raising $xxxx.

Our top priorities are:

  • Goal 1: Explain your goal and provide a direct link to the appropriate fund.
  • Goal 2: Ditto.
  • Goal 3: Ditto.

Whenever possible, use a story/photos to inspire donors and demonstrate why a contribution to your school/goals will make a difference. We also recommend you check out Story Central to see if these stories will provide the inspiration and connection that will bring your page to life. You also might be able to showcase some Pride Points to demonstrate impact.

Progress/campaign status

You should include — and periodically update — the status of your campaign. You can do this via text or graphic. For example:

Thank you donors! 
The School of XYZ’s capital campaign is halfway to its goal of $xxx. As of xx-xx-xxxx, we had raised $xxx. Together we will make the world a better place.

Donor and volunteer recognition

Gather photos — and maybe a story or two — of donors and volunteers who are making a difference. If this is not available at launch, you should post something as soon as it becomes available and update it whenever you can. See our prototype for how you might include this on your page. It is a good way to put a face on the campaign and remind everyone that dedicated, committed supporters are working together to transform the lives of students, Washington and the world.


You likely will have events tied to your campaign. Lectures, open houses, recognition dinners and other gatherings, for example. Be sure to showcase them on your web page.  And keep the events section updated. When visitors come back to your page, they’ll want to find out what’s new. See our prototype for an example of how you might be able to showcase events.


All UW campaign pages should link to:

    • Be Boundless: Learn about the UW’s $5 billion fundraising campaign. (http://uw.edu/boundless)
    • You also will be able to choose which default view you want to show when you send visitors to this priorities page:
      • Causes: A visitor’s priorities — URL to come
      • Schools/colleges/campuses: Units’ priorities. URL to come

On the prototype page (sample campaign page mockup), the widget on the right with the tagline graphic will link to the priorities page (link to come).


All UW campaign pages are required to include the campaign tagline somewhere on the page. See the prototype for an example of how you can incorporate it on your page. You can download graphics of various sizes, formats and colors for the tagline by visiting the campaign tagline page.

Giving widget

Read instructions for implementing a custom giving widget on your page (PDF)

Note: a more streamlined giving widget is in development and is expected to be available in time for the campaign launch. Please check back.