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Styled tagline

Our styled tagline has the feeling of forward movement — visually represented as angled letters. Because the typography has been manipulated, we offer several styled tagline lockups as downloadable files for your use.

The styled tagline can work well with the Boundless W or the Boundless band.

The Boundless tagline can stand alone or be used in partnership with a 15-degree angled line. The line echos the forward movement and is a simplistic representation of the edge of the Block W logo.

It can also include a URL that connects to the university home page, or your college home page. No downloads are available for this. Simply use the styled tagline + angled line, and using a brand font, add your custom url as text.

Using the Styled Tagline




A clear area equivalent to the B must be preserved around the complete tagline. Elements such as type or images (excluding a background treatment) may not encroach on the clear area.



The length of the 15-degree angled line is determined by whether it bleeds off the top of the page, the bottom of the page or doesn’t bleed at all.


URL Lockup


Styled tagline downloads

Styled tagline + angled line downloads