UW Brand

Campaign 101

We believe that together we are better. Together we make the community more vibrant. Together we move the region and world forward. These beliefs drive our campaign, which aims to positively transform the lives of students, the state of Washington and the world.

Through our campaign, we will inspire participation from the UW community, whether that is giving, attending, engaging or sharing.  By communicating the campaign vision clearly and consistently, you can help us catalyze support, enthusiasm and action as we align possibility with philanthropy. These resources are a guide to creating campaign-related communications. Continue to leverage the University-wide brand guidelines while customizing your communication pieces for your college or unit.

Elevator pitch

The University of Washington enhances the lives of students, the state of Washington and our world in limitless ways. Together with our public stakeholders, alumni, donors, parents, and friends, we seek to transform the student experience, drive the public good, expand the UW’s impact here and around the world and empower innovation. Partner with us as we unleash the potential of students, improve the lives of patients, enrich our communities, and lead the discovery of solutions to our world’s most vexing challenges. Together we move our community, region and world forward. Together, we are stronger.

Together, we are boundless.

Campaign tagline

Our campaign tagline, which echoes our brand tagline, captures our dedication and drive to make an impact locally and globally.

When using the campaign tagline in text, use title case (capitalizing the first letter of each primary word). Since our overall brand style uses minimal capitalization, this helps differentiate the tagline so it stands out when embedded in copy. Use an em dash with a space to separate the two parts of the tagline and a comma in between “For Washington” and “For the World”. Here are two examples:

  • Your participation in Be Boundless — For Washington, For the World will help us transform lives.
  • This year, we launched Be Boundless — For Washington, For the World, the biggest campaign in UW history.

Campaign themes

We are propelling students, society and the region forward in four key ways:

Transforming the student experience

At the UW, our public mission promises to connect access with excellence for all students. We seek to increase the opportunities that define the Husky Experience, including excellent teaching, world-class research, study abroad, service learning, community internships and a vibrant student life. You can help advance the student experience for generations to come through scholarships, fellowships, internships and programs that enrich our future thought leaders, change-makers and innovators.

Driving the public good

As one of the world’s leading public universities, our mission is to promote equity and social mobility through the education of our students, community partnerships and life-changing research. We fuel community initiatives, providing a forum for ideas, ideals and actions that impact the greater, global good. We’re dedicated to leading the public dialogue as promoters of positive change through policies and programs that advance global health, equity and diversity, and economic growth.

Expanding our impact — everywhere

The New York Times once described the UW as a “research colossus,” and the shoe fits. The UW has established a legacy of scholarship and solutions that transform our world. From medicine to climate change, literacy to human rights, the UW’s faculty are tackling every major issue facing society today. The campaign will embolden our drive to solve tomorrow’s grand challenges through interdisciplinary inquiry and scientific advancements. Enrich our excellence and advance UW’s leadership by investing in the faculty and programs that focus in critical areas.

Empowering possibility through innovation

Innovation and creativity are in our DNA. As change creators, the UW fuels the region’s and the world’s innovation ecosystem by educating, transforming and inspiring creativity and entrepreneurship, and embodying the pioneering spirit of the Pacific Northwest. This innovation mindset influences every student, scholar and discipline, and we seek to turn more ideas into impact by supporting groundbreaking projects, solutions and startups. Join us by investing in the people and programs that are re-imagining the future for our region and our world.

Creative framework: “What you care about…”

Our brand provides the foundation for all campaign communications. Campaign messaging pieces stem from our core brand and are united by a common creative framework. This framework brings to life a powerful idea intended to inspire society, unite our region, build on Be Boundless and, ultimately, move people to support the UW so we can amplify our impact.

The creative framework speaks to who we are as a university community. We are thoughtful people who take great care in our actions, beliefs and perspectives. We dedicate ourselves to the cause. Go deep. Read up. Pursue the things that matter most to us. We set our sights on where we want to go, then work together to get there. This collective spirit is the foundation of our community. A shared worldview comprised of individual action.

Manifesto (our high-level expression):

What you care about can change the world 

How do you create a world of good? Start with the things you hold dear. Your ideas and ideals. Your hopes and dreams. With the University of Washington, you can connect your passion with philanthropy. Link arms with the students, faculty and staff who unleash boundless possibilities every day. Join us.

Guiding principles of “What you care about”:

  • Connects with our community through direct address (“you”), bringing people into the conversation and addressing issues that matter to them personally
  • Emphasizes individual potential as well as our collective strength and aspirations (linking to the “together” aspect of our brand promise)
  • Demonstrates our boundless spirit, our belief in possibilities and our community’s shared worldview that we can create change
  • Speaks to the innovative spirit of our region as well as our university
  • Empowers us to showcase how the UW can (and already is) transforming our region and our world

Wondering what kind of content to use within this creative framework? The campaign themes, which are simply another expression of our four brand pillars, will continue to guide your content creation. Learn more about the campaign themes and see several examples.

Communicating to students

Communicating about the campaign with students is about being different, engaging and exciting. Students are ready to be part of something bigger than themselves, but in today’s always-connected world, we have to find a way to reach them. Don’t be afraid to make your content short, eye-catching, presented in new and creative ways, and in new and creative places. Please see our guidelines for communicating with students.

Creative examples and headline development

What does our creative framework look like in action? See below for inspiration. As you’ll note, the headline isn’t limited to “What you care about can change the world.” Rather, this headline provides a structure that can be adapted to your message and audience, becoming “What you worry about can be cured” or “What you dream about can be done,” to give just two examples.

The key is to engage our audience directly (“What you _____”) and speak to our belief in possibilities (“… can ______”).

Use this structure to connect with issues and ideas that matter to our audience — this helps unite our community around a shared vision. The second half of the headline demonstrates our impact, including what we’ve already achieved and what we can accomplish together. Craft your headlines to show our collective optimism, determination and impact.


There are countless stories and statistics that we can use to catalyze support, enthusiasm and action. A few examples are listed on the next page, with many more stories available at uw.edu/storycentral and additional statistics and rankings at uw.edu/pridepoints.