UW Brand

Frequent brand questions

What does our logo do?

Logos derive their meaning from the quality of what they symbolize. What a logo means/stands for is far more important than what it looks like. A logo is intended to identify an organization in its simplest form. It takes dedicated time and effort and funding to build meaning and recognition in a logo. The UW has had 115 years to invest in the Block W logo, which means it is extremely recognizable and carries with it the great value and reputation of this institution. It is the ideal logo to represent your organization, center, program or office.

Do you have b-roll of campus?

Yes, we offer b-roll clips through the Photo database.

Something on the site is not working, or a download file is not right…

If there is something not correct on the site, please contact Alanya Cannon (alcan@uw.edu). We will do our best to update or correct files quickly. And thank you in advance for using the brand tools!

Will there be new brand letterhead?

The current stationery and business cards will not be retired. The design of the current business papers retains logo accuracy and is still a foundational representation of the University and therefore the brand.

How do we use the Boundless W with no bleeds?

There will be extended guidelines that assist in using the Boundless W in a variety of applications, including non-bleed designs. For now, check out the Boundless Band as an option for your contained designs.

Will there be a tertiary color palette?

Our focus is on consistent communications that use the brand elements, including our color palette. We do not have plans to release a supplementary color palette.

Has the department signature logo system changed?

No, the University Block W logo, University wordmark and all the signature marks (like the University signature and department signature) have not changed. As a reminder, you can separate your stacked or centered department signature from the block W, and therefore use your department signature in conjunction with the Boundless W logo treatment.

Will the tagline Be Boundless stick around for a while?

Yes, the tagline will be part of the University brand for some time and should carry us through the comprehensive fundraising campaign.

Are the fonts free and can they be used online?

Yes, the fonts are free to download and use, and for those that required it, University licenses have been purchased for use in all media, including online.