UW Brand

Brand pillars

The brand pillars form our foundation. They provide a guide for your content; when creating copy or visuals, bring at least one of these pillars to life.

  • Leading-edge student experience
  • Our public promise
  • Proven impact
  • Innovation mindset

Leading-edge student experience

With countless universities touting their appeal to students, what sets us apart from the crowd? We believe it’s the boundless opportunities available to students here, including ways to take the learning process beyond the classroom. With access to an extensive network of top faculty, researchers, peers, alumni and the community, UW students form lasting connections. Our students are also actively engaged as campus and community leaders. They’re doing more than reading about positive changes; they’re the catalyst making change happen. Sample copy focused on the student experience:

Passion never rests

For some, spring break is all about sand and sun. But for others — including the nearly 700 University of Washington undergraduates who have participated in The Pipeline Project’s alternative spring break — it’s about making a difference. By volunteering in schools in rural communities, UW students are helping kids learn about art, literacy, the environment and more.

At the UW, students are making a difference each and every day while expanding the boundaries of the typical classroom. Where will your passion take you?

Be Boundless

Our public promise

Our mission and vision make us public, not just our heritage. As one of the world’s preeminent public universities, advancing social equity and changing lives is integral to who we are. Through civic partnerships, service-learning opportunities and much more, students, faculty, staff, alumni and our partners play active roles in the local and global community. We’re dedicated to leading the dialogue as promoters of positive change. At our core, we believe in human potential and our role in unleashing it. Sample copy focused on our public promise:

Be a world of good

Basic sanitation and clean water — for millions of people around the globe, these essentials aren’t easily accessible. That’s why University of Washington students are working to improve living conditions in the developing world. And they’re doing so in innovative ways, such as using 3-D printers to transform plastic litter into composting toilets and parts for rainwater harvesting systems.

At the UW, you can choose to see the world differently. Then, do something about it.

Be Boundless

Proven impact

As one of the world’s most productive research universities, we have an unparalleled track record when it comes to research impact and excellence. For decades, our students and faculty have collaborated to turn ideas into life-changing realities, from creating vaccines to improving early education, revolutionizing global health, imagining greener technologies and so much more. In all we do, we strive to make an impact, whether it’s by touching one life or millions. Sample copy focused on proven impact:

We > me

Where will the next life-saving cure for devastating diseases come from? The answer just may be you. University of Washington researchers and students are combining science with gaming and computation to create a whole new playing field — literally.

By playing online games created by UW scientists, people around the world are decoding how different proteins fold. Armed with that knowledge, UW researchers are working to design new proteins that serve specific functions, such as shutting down cancer cells. Already, the crowd-sourced data has helped UW scientists make progress in the fight to overcome AIDS, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Together, we can go from curing diseases to creating healthier lives.

Be Boundless

Innovation mindset

Seattle is a global hub for innovation, and much of that spirit and mindset begins at the UW. Entrepreneurial drive is embedded in our DNA, contributing to our No. 1 ranking in commercialization. As an international epicenter for turning ideas into actions, we’re launching hundreds of companies across a wide range of fields based on UW research and technology. Our shared ethos of innovation unites us as a university and as a community. Sample copy with a focus on innovation mindset:

Question the answer

Shyam Gollakota, an assistant professor in the wireless lab at the University of Washington, is reimagining the way we use wireless devices, which have huge potential for developing parts of the world where reliable electricity sources are lacking. Shyam is developing battery-free devices — some just half the size of a credit card — that can reflect and absorb surrounding radio signals. The devices can send communications and connect to the Internet, making them a low-cost communications tool that can be used just about anywhere.

This work earned Shyam a spot on MIT Technology Review’s list of “Innovators Under 35.”

How will your ideas inspire action?

Be Boundless