UW Dentistry campaign volunteers

Our School of Dentistry campaign volunteers are working to gather support for one of the world’s finest centers of dental education as it institutes a new curriculum focused on producing a true 21st-century dental provider.

This curriculum, which has already won national recognition, reflects the rapid advances in dental materials and technology, discoveries in oral biology, trends in dental practice and the growth of team-based interprofessional care.

The dentistry campaign, chaired by Dr. Patricia Rothwell and conducted with the support of our Dean’s Club Board of Trustees and our UW Dental Alumni Association, will have its formal launch at the Dean’s Club Annual Dinner in April 2017. We look forward to sharing more exciting details as the campaign proceeds.


Dr. Patricia Rothwell

Campaign Chair, Dean’s Club Board of Trustees


Dr. Sidney Gallegos

Chair, Dean’s Club Board of Trustees


Dr. Richard Crinzi

President, UW Dental Alumni Association