Here are a few sample NINA pictures, for the benefit of the Java-challenged. Click on the small picture to view a full-sized one (about 600x600). The number of lines, a-pulse, and b-pulse are provided for each, so that if you do have Java, you can use NINA to recreate them. Also see Corey Satten's gallery of NINA figures using PostScript and floating point numbers.

583 lines, 228 a-pulse, 558 b-pulse.

1044 lines, 39 a-pulse, 892 b-pulse.

448 lines, 183 a-pulse, 82 b-pulse

336 lines, 157 a-pulse, 235 b-pulse

833 lines, 168 a-pulse, 213 b-pulse.

496 lines, 329 a-pulse, 491 b-pulse