Office of Educational Assessment


The VERSANT test is intended for UW Graduate School applicants only. The results will not be sent to any other institution or department.

VERSANT exams are offered on MONDAYS & THURSDAYS only during the School Year and MONDAYand WEDNESDAY afternoons during the Summer.

FEE: $55

Fees are payable by cash or check, made payable to: University of Washington.

Credit and Debit cards are NOT accepted.


To register for an exam, please call (206)543-1171, email us: or in-person during Testing Center office hours.

ON THE DAY OF THE TEST: Individual tests are administered at the Testing Center:

1410 NE Campus Parkway Seattle, WA  РSchmitz Hall, Room 440.

The test takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. The examinee must bring picture identification, and know her/his student number. If you arrive after the scheduled test time, you will not be admitted to the examination.No aids are permitted during the test. You may not bring dictionaries, books, scratch paper, calculators, or notebooks with you on the day of the test. You are not allowed to take notes during the examination.

RESULTS: Test results will be posted to the UW Student Database and also will be available for pick-up at the Testing Center immediately following the test.
RETESTS: There is no limit to the number of times a student can take the Versant, but only one Versant exam may be taken per day.
STUDY: You may find out more test information at the Versant English Test website.