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Undergraduate Placement

*Fall Quarter 2019 Placement Schedule will be available early August – check back*

Full Placement Sessions: Standby seats will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. *Please arrive to the testing center up to 30 minutes prior to the session to receive a standby number. Bring a photo ID + cash/check $30 testing fee.* If no seats are available please select and register for an alternative future testing date- Placement Testing is year round!

If you are uncertain about whether you need to take a placement test, contact Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising directly with your inquiry. To determine the placement prerequisites for a particular course, consult the UW Course Catalog.  The testing center cannot advise students regarding their academic planning.

First Year (100-level) Placement Tests include:

  • Mathematics
  • Honors Chemistry (145)
  • Chemistry 142
  • Foreign languages
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean 1st & 2nd year
    • Spanish

If you need a foreign language second year, third year, deficiency, or a language not listed below, please make an individual appointment with our office by emailing us at


TEST LENGTH: 60 minutes
LOCATION: 1410 NE Campus Parkway, Seattle, WA 98195 Schmitz Hall, Room 440
FEE: $30 per Test

Fees are paid with a credit card when you register online ONLY.

Refunds are NOT allowed.  Test date changes are allowed with no penalty if changed on registration website within 24 hours of chosen test date. If you cannot attend the placement session on the day of exam notify us by email: prior to test session to request changes if possible on a case-by-case basis. 

FEE WAIVERS: Fee Waivers are granted for UW Seattle students only, if one of the following is true:

1.Expected Family Contribution (EFC) = $0

  • Provide us with EFC accepted documentation:
    • PDF of FAFSA Award Letter
    • UW Award Letter
    • Screen shot of Financial Aid Page from MyUW

2. Full Athletic Scholarship: Athletics Department will pay for your test

3. UW Department Paying: Which department that will pay for exam and include their budget number in correspondence

If you meet the qualifications, please email ( at least (1) week in advance or earlier to schedule your placement exam and include:

  • Student number – Husky Card Number
  • Date / Time of exam
  • Test subject for placement

Kindly notify us as soon as possible if you will be absent.

 DISABILITY ACCOMMODATIONS To request disability accommodations for testing, please email before registering for the test. Please provide disability accommodation paperwork stating your needs, student number, date and time you want to test, and which test you want to take.  We will contact you to schedule an appointment.  UW Students will also need to register with Disability Resource Services for the school year for accommodations.
 STUDY: Math. Sample test questions
Spanish. Sample test questions
WHAT TO BRING:  A valid physical Photo ID (Driver’s License or Passport) or Husky Card if a UW Student.  Images on cellphones, screenshots will not be accepted.

Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the listed test time. Sorry –No Late Entry.


  • Disability Accommodations
  • EFC of $0
  • Full Athletic Scholarship
  • UW Department is paying for your exam.

(See Above) register by emailing (1) week prior to test date.

READ these important and detailed instructions on how to register before registering: UW SEATTLE FAQ – ONLINE REGISTRATION


Registration closes 30 minutes prior to the start of the test session date/time.  You may also come in person for standby seating if available.

COURSE CONFLICTS: If you are a UW Seattle student and have a class during every Placement Session offered in the current quarter, the Testing Center can set you up with a testing time that works with your schedule.

Please email  (1) week before test date with a PDF file or screenshot of your current UW Class Schedule, visible student number, date and time you want to test, and which test you want to take.

Course Conflict scheduling is not available during Registration weeks or Finals Week. *

*Course Conflict scheduling is no longer available for Spring 2019* You will have to wait until Summer to test at this time. 

RESULTS: Score results are available about 10 minutes after the completion of the test by logging back into the APTP Test Registration Program.

Scores will be posted for registration by 8:00 am the following day of exam date.  Scores are uploaded to the UW student database overnight.

Paper copies of the score reports are available at the Testing Center in person with Photo ID or mailed via USPS, no verbal results are given.

  • Chemistry 142 and 145 (Honors) – Twice in a twelve-month period, 24 hour wait between tests.  The highest valid test score will be accepted.
  • French, Italian, and Spanish** – Once every 6 months. **Cannot take the 100-level Spanish test if a student has completed a 200-level class. Spanish will take the highest valid test score.
  • German & Japanese –Twice in a twelve-month period, 75-day wait between tests.
  • Korean first and second year – No waiting period.
  • Math – Each type (advanced or general) twice in a twelve-month period, two-week wait between tests. ONLY the most recent test score will be valid. *Math Placement scores are valid for 2 years from the Quarter they were taken.* There are no exceptions to the wait period.  If you have further questions contact the Math Department with your inquiry.



  • On-line Chemistry exam – The Chemistry department offers the CHEM 142 exam online without a testing fee. The Testing Center offers the paper based test for a $30 fee. Please consult the UW Chemistry Department for information on the online CHEM 142 exam.

Take the CHEM 142 test if you wish to enroll in either CHEM 142 or 143. You can also place into CHEM 142 or CHEM 143 with completion of a preparatory chemistry course, CHEM 110 or equivalent or with an AP Chemistry score of 1 or greater.

A score of 5, 6, or 7 on the High Level Chemistry IB exam is accepted for placement into any of the courses.

Take the CHEM 145 (Honors) test if you wish to enroll in CHEM 145. Note CHEM 145 is open to students with a score of 3, 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry test or a  5, 6, or 7 on the High Level Chemistry IB exam. Completion of MATH 124 or concurrent enrollment in MATH 124 is also a prerequisite for CHEM 145. For more information regarding chemistry test scores and placement at UW Seattle, please consult the UW Chemistry Department. CHEM 145 allows a Calculator.

  • Do I need to take a language placement test?

There are different World language requirements at UW :

  1. Admission purpose requirements – for more details check the CADR’s website and scroll to “World languages”.
  2. Graduation requirements* – contact your major department directly as world language requirements vary for every major.  Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising would also be able to advise on requirements.

*Korean –  Korean Heritage track students may take the Korean 100 test to fulfill their language requirement for graduation, but cannot take the Korean 100 test to replace Korean 135.**

**If you missed taking Korean 135 in Autumn Quarter please consult Asian Languages and Literature for more details.

  • Which Math test do I take?  The Math Placement Tests (MPT) provide placement into either:
    • Pre-calculus (General test): Math 98,107,111, 120
    • Calculus  (Advanced): qualifies up to Math 124 only
      • For more information regarding mathematics test scores and placement at UW Seattle, consult the UW Math Department. 
      • NO CALCULATORS ALLOWED for math tests.

Schedule for First-year Undergraduate Placement Exams

Registration closes 30 minutes before the scheduled start time for a testing session. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If you arrive after the scheduled start time, you WILL NOT be admitted to the exam. No late entry.
We offer Placement Testing year-round. Check for the most up to date list of available dates and seat availability.


May 2019

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
27 28 29 30  31
Testing Office



June 2019

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3 4 5  6 7
1:30 pm 10:00am NONE      NONE
Testing Office
10 11 12 13 14
Testing Office
1:30 pm
10:00 am
10:30 am
Testing Office
24 25
1:30 pm
10:00 am
Testing Office

*MORE DATES ONLINE – Currently the schedule is only available until early August. Dates will be posted for the rest of summer as soon as possible. Keep checking back**

You must PRE-REGISTER for ALL Placement Test Sessions:REGISTER HERE or email with any questions of concerns.Check for the most up to date list of available dates and seat availability.

Check for the most up to date list of available dates and seat availability.