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Placement Exams – AVANT


*The U.W. Academic Testing Center is currently closed and working remotely until further notice. We are working on offering various exams remotely also. Please check the page of the test that you need for details on remote options. We will update our pages when we have a return date, pending UW and public health approval. Please contact for any questions.*


  • As of September 2020, the FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, AND SPANISH Placement exams are available as a remote test through the Testing Center registration. Information Below:


If you are uncertain about whether you need to take a placement test, contact Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising directly with your inquiry. To determine the placement prerequisites for a particular course, consult the U.W. Course Catalog.  The testing center cannot advise students regarding their academic planning.

Undergraduate World Language Placement

Available for remote (at home)test only:

Avant Stamp 4S Tests

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Coming Soon:

  • Japanese
  • Korean

Testing for language not listed below? Please Contact U.W. Testing Center office.


Three (3) Hour Time Limit

  • Most students complete the exam in approximately 2 hours.
  • Individual test questions are not timed.
  • Reading and Listening sections to take approximately 30-45 minutes per section.
  • Writing and Speaking sections to take approximately 15-30 minutes per section.


Remote Testing Only 

  • To be taken any time at home or in a private testing area.
  • Complete the exam within two week of registration date or as soon as possible. If you need more time, please contact the Testing Center to make arrangements for later test dates.


$75 per Test

Log into the Test Registration to submit payment and schedule your test

There are No Refunds. 



THIS SECTION IS STILL BEING WORKED ON. Please contact the with requests.

  • French – 
  • German –
  • Italian – 
  • Spanish – Fee Reduction of $45 if approved


Fee Waivers/Reductions are granted for U.W. Seattle students only, if one of the following is true:

1.Expected Family Contribution (E.F.C.) = $0 or Husky Promise

Provide us with accepted documentation (PDF or Screenshot):

F.A.F.S.A. Award Letter

U.W. Award Letter

Screenshot of Financial Aid Page from MyUW

If you think you qualify for fee waiver, please email ( at least (1) week in advance or earlier to received a Fee Waiver or Reduction:

Student Number – Husky Card Number

Test subject for placement

Accepted documentation as an attachment

2. Full Athletic Scholarship: Athletics Department will pay for your test

3. U.W. Department Paying: Which department that will pay for exam and include their budget number in correspondence


To request disability accommodations for testing, please contact U.W. Testing Center at least (1) week in advance of when you want to test. Please provide disability accommodation paperwork stating your test accommodation information, student number, test you want to take and approximate date. We will review your details and give instructions on how to register and test.  U.W. Students will also need to register with Disability Resource Services for the school year for accommodations.


Sample Tests

Writing Examples

Benchmark & Rubric Guide

Power Up Guide


 A valid physical Photo I.D. (Driver’s License or Passport) or Husky Card if a U.W. Student.  Images on cellphones, screenshots will not be accepted.

Private testing environment.


Heaphones and Microphone



DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE IF you have/requesting:

  • Disability Accommodations
  • E.F.C. of $0 or Husky Promise
  • Full Athletic Scholarship
  • U.W. Department is paying for your exam.

(See Above) register by emailing one week prior to test date.







Remote Testing ONLY:

It takes approximately 5 – 7 business days for scores to process and post to student accounts.  It is highly recommended to take the exam at least 10 days  prior to registration deadline for the quarter you wish to register.


  • Chemistry 142 and 145 (Honors) – Twice in a twelve-month period, 24 hour wait between tests.  The highest valid test score will be accepted.
  • French & Italian – Once every 3 months (remote testing)
  • Spanish- Once every 3 months. Spanish Department will accept the highest valid test score. Scores are valid for 2 years from the exam date.
  • German –Twice in a twelve-month period, 75-day wait between tests. – confirming soon
  • Japanese –Twice in a twelve-month period, 75-day wait between tests. – currently not available
  • Korean first and second year – No waiting period. – currently not available




  • Do you need to take a placement test?  Contact Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising for more information. To determine the placement prerequisites for a particular course, consult the UW Course Catalog.
  • What happened to the math placement test? As of March 2020, the Math Department encourages students wanting to enroll in MATH 111, MATH 120 or MATH 124 to take the Guided Self-Placement assessment for Registration.  
  • On-line Chemistry exam – The Chemistry department offers the CHEM 142 exam online for FREE. The Testing Center offers the paper based version for a $30 fee. Please consult the UW Chemistry Department for information on the online CHEM 142 exam.
  • Do I need to take a language placement test?

There are different World language requirements at UW :

  1. Admission purpose requirements – for more details check the CADR’s website and scroll to “World languages”.
  2. Graduation requirements* – contact your major department directly as world language requirements vary for every major.  Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising would also be able to advise on requirements.

*Korean –  Korean Heritage track students may take the Korean 100 test to fulfill their language requirement for graduation, but cannot take the Korean 100 test to replace Korean 135.*please consult Asian Languages and Literature for more details.