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The U.W. Academic Testing Center is currently closed. We will update our pages when we have a return date, pending UW and public health approval. Please contact for any questions.

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

We are an official testing site for Language Testing International (L.T.I.) and we proctor the following A.C.T.F.L. Speaking and Writing Proficiency Tests:

A.C.T.F.L. Oral Proficiency Interview (O.P.I.)
The Oral Proficiency Interview is a carefully structured, 20-30 minute telephone interview between an A.C.T.F.L. Certified Tester and a candidate. The interview is interactive and adaptive to the experiences and linguistic competence of the candidate. The digitally recorded sample is double rated and an Official A.C.T.F.L. O.P.I. Certificate, stating the candidate’s proficiency level, is issued to the candidate.

A.C.T.F.L. Writing Proficiency Test (W.P.T.)
The A.C.T.F.L. W.P.T. is a timed 90-minute test delivered in test booklet form. The candidate responds to all prompts in the target language, while prompts are always in English to avoid providing the candidate with relevant vocabulary to answer the prompt. This is a proctored, standardized test for global assessment of functional writing ability, measuring how well a person writes in a language. Candidate’s writing samples are double rated and an official A.C.T.F.L. W.P.T. Certificate, stating the candidate’s proficiency level, is issued.

The Washington Professional Educator Standards Board requires passage of the A.C.T.F.L.® proficiency tests as part of an application for the Designated World Language and Bilingual Education endorsements. The most current information on test requirements for a specific endorsement is provided at or call 360-725-6400 or 360-725-6275.

Note: Effective October 1, 2014, we will no longer administer the O.P.I.c. (computer-based oral proficiency) or i.W.P.T. (computer-based writing proficiency.

  • $35 – Oral Proficiency Interview (O.P.I.)
  • $65 – Writing Proficiency Test (W.P.T.)

Fees are payable by cash or check, made payable to: University of Washington.

Credit and Debit cards are NOT accepted.

Note: Our test proctoring fees are separate from the exam fee that you will pay directly to Language Testing International, the A.C.T.F.L. test company.

LOCATION: 1410 N.E. Campus Parkway, Seattle, W.A. 98195 Schmitz Hall, Room 440
REGISTRATION: Washington State applicants can register for an A.C.T.F.L. proficiency exam by visiting Language Testing International at
ON THE DAY OF THE TEST: The examinee must bring picture identification (driver license, passport, or government issued identification) and the appropriate proctoring fee.  No study aids are permitted during the test. You may not take dictionaries, books, scratch paper, calculators, or notebooks into the testing room.
RESULTS: Once your application has been processed you will be sent an email with your confirmed test date, time of exam, and other test instructions. The email will provide you with a unique I.D. and PASSWORD to access your test information and status on the L.T.I. Test Candidate Website. Please retain this important email and website information for your records as you will use this website and secure password to verify the date and time of your O.P.I. and check the status of your test result. You will also be able to print your Official A.C.T.F.L. O.P.I. Certificate from the candidate website.
QUESTIONS: For questions, contact Language Testing International at or 1-800-486-8444.


Tests are scheduled by individual appointment after we receive your exam details from L.T.I.  Exams are administered during regular office hours Monday through Thursday. Once you have registered through Language Testing International and they have sent your registration details to us, you may then contact our office by email: to schedule your appointment.  It is not possible to schedule exams until we have confirmation from L.T.I.

Disability Accommodation

To request disability accommodation for testing, please contact the U.W. Testing Center at least (1-2) week prior to desired test date via phone call (206)543-1171 or email at before registering for the test.  Please include documentation from Disability Resources for Students or a from a medical provider stating the accommodation needs.  Do not send a diagnosis.  If you are a U.W. student, please register with the Disability Resources for Students department if needed.