Academic and Student Affairs

Initiation – Kick off meeting



The kick off meeting is held after ASA leadership approves the project. It helps the team develop a common understanding of the project objectives, tasks and expected results. It can be used as a team-building exercise with roles and responsibilities defined, work identified and processes defined.

It is important for all project team members to participate in the kick off meeting.


  • Project Sponsor
  • Project Manager
  • Relevant Stakeholders
  • Core Project team
  • Affected Units/Departments


  • Project status (in Innotas) set to Active
  • Project charter
  • Meeting goals (previously identified by the project sponsor and the project manager)


  • Schedule the kick off meeting
  • Send out the meeting invitation with the meeting agenda and project charter
  • Walk through the project charter and discuss the overall project approach
  • Take notes during the meeting


  • Meeting notes (that include decisions made, any issues that arise, action items)
  • The revised project charter (if applicable)