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Production Readiness Checklist

The Production Readiness Checklist outlines the list of criteria needed from a project before a major release is deployed in the production environment (e.g. software upgrades, new application deployments, or as determined by the project sponsor and/or production support manager). It is the responsibility of the project manager to gather the information and conduct a Production Readiness Review before the release. The list is to be used as a guide. It may be modified by the project manager with the approval of the sponsor particularly for smaller projects.

Production Readiness Review

The production readiness review process ensures the readiness of a major release before it is put into production.


The inputs recommended for the production readiness review include:

  • Hardware requirements
  • End user device requirements
  • Performance requirements
  • Support requirements
  • Architectural review
  • Security review
  • Completed test plan
  • User acceptance
  • User guide
  • Helpdesk documentation
  • Installation guide
  • Implementation plan
  • Customer communication plan
  • Operations guide
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plan
  • Standards (when applicable)


The outputs desired from the production readiness review include:

  • Completed production readiness review checklist
  • Production readiness recommendation
Step Task Responsible Party
1 Following the Project Charter signoff, establish what information on the Production Readiness Review Checklist will be needed for the Readiness Review Process Project manager, Project Sponsor, Production Support Manager
2 Propose project implementation date Project manager
3 Schedule time on the appropriate review board(s)* meeting agenda for Readiness Review Project manager
4 Complete Readiness Review Checklist for Review Meeting Project manager
5 Distribute and review Readiness Review Checklist with Readiness Review Team members Project manager
6 Facilitate Readiness Review Meeting Project manager
7 Recommendation (go/no-go) Readiness Review Team(s)
8 If “Go”, prepare for Change Management or Team Implementation Process Project manager
9 If “No Go”, complete missing information and start process over Project manager
  • Note: It is up to the project manager and project sponsor to determine the appropriate people and/or groups who should be included in the final Readiness Review discussions. Options include, but are not limited to, project team members and key customers.