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Execution – Design Specification



Design Review:

The design review process ensures the design of a solution meets the overall project requirements prior to the build phase.

Inputs recommended:

  • Approved Project Charter
  • Customer and technical requirements
  • Vendor specifications for hardware and software (when applicable)
  • Standards (when applicable)
  • Design Review Checklist





1 Identify design review documentation required for this project with the project sponsor/team Project Manager
2 Prepare design review documentation Lead Designer
3 Review & revise design documentation with project team Lead Designer
4 Request design review and approval from key stakeholders (this may require a meeting, if requested by stakeholders) Project Manager
5 Revise design documentation based on stakeholder feedback and distribute to team Lead Designer
6 When design approved, publish & notify project team Project Manager

Note: It is the responsibility of the project sponsor and project manager to determine who is included in the design review and approval decision.


  • Design document or web page of design components
  • Key stakeholder agreement on the design
  • Key stakeholder acknowledgement of any changes to the overall project outcomes as a result of the approved design