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Closure – Project Closure Report



What is a project closure report?

A project closure report is the final document that assesses the success of the project and also catalogs project deliverables and officially ends the project. The primary objective of a project closure report is to provide a complete picture of the successes and failures of a project. The project closure report should include all important project information that would help stakeholders, auditors, and future project managers to clearly understand what was accomplished during the project and how the work was completed.

Who develops a project closure report?

The project manager is responsible for creating and developing a project closure report.

When would you develop a closure report?

The closure report is usually started towards the end of the project and completed when all the project outputs have been delivered to the business owner, stakeholders and sponsors or when it has been decided to close the project for some other reason. This may be the result of changed priorities within the department or unit, a loss of funding or a deadline date reached.