Area 01

Sound Lab

PLEASE NOTE: The Sound Lab is currently closed. Please check back here for updates.

The Sound Lab is a recording studio and practice space with recording equipment and programs, a drum kit, professional-grade guitar amps, piano and microphones. It’s a perfect space to strike up a new musical partnership, perfect your solo work, or practice for your performance. Musicians of all types are welcome!


Orientation and Skills Training

All participants are encouraged to attend one of our workshops prior to using the Sound Lab for the first time.  Completing the user agreement is no longer required.


Featured project from the Sound Lab

Jeff B., Engineering

I grew up listening to podcasts, and when I got to college I thought it was the perfect time to start my own! Because I spend so much time reading for my classes, I wanted my podcast to center around literary criticisms of various novels.

I used the microphones and computer in Area 01’s Sound Lab. With access to the Sound Lab, I’ll be able to launch my new podcast next month!