Area 01

Dabble Lab

PLEASE NOTE: THE DABBLE LAB WILL BE CLOSED FOR SUMMER QUARTER 2019. The Dabble Lab is a high- and low-tech maker space environment that features 3-D printers, a laser cutter, art and design tools such as advanced sewing machines, small tools and workspace for printed circuit board and interactive electronic objects work, a kiln and a ventilated booth for spray painting.


Required Orientation and Skills Training

All participants in the Dabble Lab are required to sign the user agreement annually and successfully complete the Dabble Lab Training.

Featured Project from the Dabble Lab

Hillary P., Community, Environment and Planning

I have finished diverse projects both personal and for class. I have worked with glass, and I used the laser printer to make keychains and portraits on maple wood. With the Flashforge and Leapfrog 3D printers, I created vases, coasters, the Space Needle, pendants, toys, sculptures and a jump rope.

There are resources to design CAD files or access STL files to 3D print. Try the equipment, ask questions and get excited about learning. You will be surprised with all the things you can create.