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Legends to Lagoons

March 15-25, 2020

Tour Operator: Go Next & Oceania Cruises

Activity Level: Easy

To learn more, call Go Next at 1-888-918-8954

Be warned that you may experience sensory overload on this journey aboard Oceania’s Regatta through the islands of French Polynesia, where warm breezes, fragrant flowers, delicious local foods, laughing voices and pleasing panoramas abound.


  • Zip around Papeete on a guided Segway tour of this capital city’s market
  • Snorkel the balmy, turquoise waters of Fakarava
  • Learn Nuku Hiva’s traditional culinary technique in which food is cooked using the heat of volcanic stones
  • Enjoy the unmatched beauty of the sun setting in Bora Bora on a late-afternoon lagoon cruise


Day 1: Depart for Papeete (Tahiti), French Polynesia

Day 2: Papeete

Day 3: Moorea

Day 4: Fakarava

Day 5: Cruising the South Pacific

Day 6: Nuku Hiva

Day 7: Cruising the South Pacific

Day 8: Rangiroa

Day 9 & 10: Bora Bora

Day 11: Raiatea

Day 12: Papeete

Program Itinerary is subject to change. See final brochure for complete details.

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Cruise rates vary by cabin category. Please see tour brochure for details.

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Map of tour region

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