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Baltic & Scandinavian Bliss

Aug. 13–24, 2019

Tour Operator: Go Next & Oceania Cruises

Activity Level: Easy

Experience the beauty of the Baltic on this fascinating 10-night voyage from London to Stockholm aboard Oceania Cruises’ Marina.


  • Discover Oslo’s stunning natural beauty and urban atmosphere
  • Relax in Copenhagen, Denmark’s unhurried capital
  • Journey to the former fishing village of Warnemünde
  • Take in historic landmarks in Berlin
  • Visit Visby known for its roses and ruins
  • Walk the fairy-tale city of Tallinn
  • Admire the magical metropolis of St. Petersburg
  • Take in the imaginative architecture of Helsinki


Day 1: Depart for England

Day 2: London (Southampton), England

Day 3: Cruising the North Sea

Day 4: Oslo, Norway

Day 5: Copenhagen, Denmark

Day 6: Berlin (Wernemünde), Germany

Day 7: Visby, Sweden

Day 8: Tallinn, Estonia

Day 9 & 10: St. Petersburg, Russia

Day 11: Helsinki, Finland

Day 12: Stockholm, Sweden

Program Itinerary is subject to change. See final brochure for complete details.

Cost Details

Cruise rates start at $4,099 and vary by cabin category. Please see tour brochure for details.

Please consider purchasing travel insurance to protect your trip. Learn more.

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