Husky 509

Seven Eastern WA students in the Husky 100

Every year, the UW recognizes a group of students who are making the most of the Husky Experience. Known as the Husky 100, these outstanding students reflect UW’s vibrant campus communities in Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma.

They are undergraduates who came to the UW straight from high school or transferred from community college. They are graduate students returning in the midst of successful careers. They have founded start-ups, conducted undergraduate research and advocated for social justice. They work on campus and in our communities. They are leaders and innovators.

One thing they all have in common? Soon they will be members of the UW alumni community. Acknowledging this fact, the UWAA hosted a reception for the Husky 100 at Washington Commons, welcoming them into the alumni family with a complimentary one-year membership.

Seven students from east of the mountains were recognized as part of this honored group. Meet them and visit the Husky 100 page to learn more.


Hakikat Bains

Omak, WA
BA Psychology/BA Early Childhood and Family Studies, ’18

I come from a family of Sikh American immigrants in the small town of Omak, where I had dreamed for years of attending the University of Washington. In order to make the most of my time at UW, I have led a Pacific Northwest-wide service project focusing on the water crisis, organized students to advocate for mental health awareness and policies, connected with female entrepreneurs around the world, served in our student government and started a personal business baking and decorating cakes.


Janette Gutiérrez

East Wenatchee, WA
BA Spanish, ’18

Breast feeding, changing diapers and cleaning spit-up are just as important as my classes, community service, research and homework. I do not have a typical life of an undergraduate student, but my responsibilities as a mother have helped me mature and become a better student. I have learned to balance everything in my life to make sure that I am able to take full advantage of all of the opportunities that UW has provided me.


Mara Hazeltine

Spokane, WA
MD Medicine, ’19

As a dedicated advocate and future doctor, I have spent the past decade serving at-risk communities. After graduating from UW with a BA in Psychology, I decided to teach math in an inner-city school, but found my students’ struggles to overcome health issues a barrier to reaching their full potential. By returning to medicine, I hope to continue supporting underserved populations and become a community-centered physician, delivering care to the vulnerable neighborhoods that need our help most.


Kevin Lybarger

Spokane, WA
PhD Electrical Engineering, ’19

I am a PhD student in the Department of Electrical Engineering, specializing in the use of natural language processing within the clinical domain. My doctoral pursuit is motivated by my desire to become a professor. While pursuing my doctorate, I am advancing the UW Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program, which fosters undergraduate research and design projects. Within the VIP Program, I promote inclusivity through outreach to underrepresented and underserved student populations.


Rachael Tamngin

Wenatchee, WA
BS Biology (Physiology)/Medical Anthropology & Global Health, ’17

I am a Yapese-American woman who is dedicated to bringing forth more accessible and better healthcare options to Pacific Islanders in the United States, as well as in the islands of Oceania. My goal is to raise awareness about the stigmas that face our generations today and to empower the next generations to be the change we all seek. I am so grateful to be one of the Husky 100. I owe my undergraduate experience to my family and mentors who always encouraged me to pursue my passion for health.


Guadalupe (Lupita) Tovar

Kennewick, WA
BS Astronomy, ’17

Lupita is a first generation Xicana motivated to continue paving the way for students of color in STEM while celebrating the non linear nature of learning. She showcases her multidimensional excellence as an undergraduate research leader, a mentor for the college Assistance Migrant Program and as a student ambassador for the Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment team.


Connor Tsuchida

Spokane, WA
BS Bioengineering, ’17

My time at UW has catalyzed my growth as a researcher, teacher, leader and mentor — both in Seattle and around the country. These experiences have allowed me to tackle problems involving disease models for kidney cancer, building bridges to withstand earthquakes, introductory programming curriculum development and STEM outreach in local schools.


Tyler Valentine

Spokane Valley, WA
BS Astronomy/Physics/Earth & Space Sciences, ’18

One day, I plan to run an asteroid mining company. In the meantime, I am researching space science and technology on campus and advocating for STEM education and space exploration across the Pacific Northwest.