Happy Husky Holidays


Thank you for a joyful 2019!

Together, here’s what we did this year:
  • Matched up nearly 1,000 students with alumni mentors in our Huskies@Work program,
  • Took 35 UW students on Career Trek excursions to meet alumni in Los Angeles, D.C. and New York,
  • Brought together 230 incoming students, their family and alumni at student send offs around Washington state,
  • Demonstrated to 226 students how welcoming our community can be at 27 alumni-hosted Dinners with the Pack,
  • Entertained more than 2,500 members at 11 member-only events,
  • Saw the world with 875 travelers on 46 UW Alumni Tours…

…and most importantly, we enjoyed another year with 55,000 of our closest friends in the UWAA community! We hope your holidays are merry and bright.