Future Alumni

Dinners with the Pack

Feb. 21, 22, 28 and 29, 2020

Seattle Area

Students and hosts at Dinner with the Pack

Nora and Myron MacDonald hosted students for an evening as part of the UWAA’s Dinner with the Pack program.

Student applications now open! Sign up by Feb. 9.

Combine one alumni host, mix in 10 to 12 curious college students, and you have the recipe for one fantastic evening of dinner and conversation across the generations. The results?

“One of the most memorable dinners in my life.” —Student

“Do it! You’ll see the campus from a whole different perspective.” —Alumni Host

“I loved talking with other students I wouldn’t normally meet and talking with an alum that I would have never met otherwise.” —Student

“We truly enjoyed getting acquainted with each of the students who came to our home and think that they enjoyed getting acquainted with one another.” –Alumni Host

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