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Flip Herndon | At-Large Trustee

Class of 2011, Doctor of Education, UW College of Education

Headshot: Flip Herndon

Why I Serve

I was born and raised in Tacoma and about 10 years old when Mount St. Helens erupted. I remember the plumes of ash and how it coated the cars, and I wanted to learn everything about volcanoes. It made science very real and dynamic. I have never been someone to take a class just to get good grades. Success in life and the classroom is about knowledge and truly learning.

My career has included teaching middle and high school, being a principal and an administrator. Connecting with young people is incredibly rewarding. From kindergarten through graduate school, it is fascinating to learn their perspectives. As educators, how can we encourage students to take their book knowledge off the shelf and implement it? Part of that journey is making sure they are aware of all their options, including college, when they plan for the future. Our job is to help them navigate the path to maximum success.

There are so many ways for UW alumni to give back. We all have unique strengths and abilities to contribute. Together we have the opportunity to solve really challenging local, national and even world problems. Let’s harness that energy. Always leave things a bit better than you found them.


Flip Herndon is the associate superintendent for operations and facilities for Seattle Public Schools, the state of Washington’s largest school district. Previously, he was superintendent of the Bremerton School District for 2009-2013. He has 20 years in education serving students as a teacher, coach and administrator in western Washington as well as Connecticut and New Jersey. Time with his family, running, hiking, and live music occupy the hours not devoted to serving families of public school students.