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Evelyn Hernandez | At-Large Trustee

Class of 2016, UW Tacoma, Masters of Cybersecurity & Leadership

Portrait: Evelyn Hernandez

Why I Serve

My career in cybersecurity partially began with a childhood curiosity of wanting to understand how things work. At six years old, I was deconstructing household appliances and progressed to programming and electronics classes by high school. As a teenager, I built a Frankenstein-style computer from scratch.

UW has a prestigious computer science program. It’s one reason why tech companies establish themselves down the street from campus, so to speak. I want to ensure those post-graduate opportunities are available to all students. There are increasing numbers of women in tech, but it overall remains a male-dominated field. Earning a UW cybersecurity degree helped establish my credentials and dispel stereotypes about whether women really excel at “techy stuff.” Female mentorship was also invaluable to me. I want future students to receive similar support.

My family and I emigrated to the U.S. when I was a kid and I helped translate American language and culture to my Filipino family. One of my goals as a trustee is to increase outreach to students navigating their futures without generational knowledge of the higher education system. My family and I, along with our Husky dog, participate in the annual Husky Run. Being surrounded by alumni is a reminder of what a difference we can make when we come together. The positive impact is immeasurable.


Evelyn Hernandez is the Chief Information Officer for Olympic College with more than two decades of experience specializing in technology within higher education. She holds multiple certifications demonstrating proficiency with Microsoft technologies, information security, networking, hardware, and PCI DSS. She enjoys running, cycling, hiking, and taking part in events that raise money for charity. She has a house filled with plants and a beautiful Husky dog named June. Go Dawgs!