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David Hernandez | UW Bothell Trustee

Class of 2003, UW Bothell, Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Portrait: David HernandezWhy I Serve

I returned to higher education as an adult. When I enrolled at UW Bothell, I was 30 years old, had a full-time job, and was in a relationship with my now-husband. As a younger person, I struggled with the structure and commitments of being a student. I wanted to forge my own path. Even so, I felt like I missed out. What I ultimately discovered was that the university is about so much more than earning a diploma.

My time at UW Bothell opened my mind to new experiences and ways of thinking. I had the opportunity to read books and have discussions that enabled me to pursue a deeper understanding of the world. I took every class possible from my favorite professor, including a women’s studies course where I was the only male student. I focused on Mexican folklore and the legend of La Llorona, “The Weeping Woman.” I learned so much about my own heritage. I was encouraged to dig deeply into gender and cultural issues in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise.

My time at UW Bothell was life-changing. I want to give back and be an example that the Husky experience is open to people of all ages, backgrounds and spans the three campuses. The journey is more than grades and a degree. It changes you as a person in the best ways possible.


David Hernandez moved to Washington from California in 1988. He enrolled at UW Bothell as an adult and, along with his brothers, became the first in his extended family to earn bachelor’s degrees. The mentorship and guidance of esteemed professors forever impacted his life. He works as a financial services professional for New York Life. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, wine connoisseurship, and Netflix with his husband of 26 years.